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SmileSource is a network of independent dentists who run their own offices... and baby, THEIR DATA IS GOOD!

This list includes...

Primary dentist's full name (335)
Primary dentist's email (335)
Business name (335)
Business address (335)
Business phone (335)

Business website (298 - apparently some dentists still operate without a website)
Business email (198 - primarily for inbound leads for their business, but hey what the heck they're mailable)
Secondary dentist's full name (31 - included wherever possible)
Secondary dentist's email (31 - included wherever possible)

That's a total of 564 mailable emails, across 335 businesses. "Appropriate person" templates, anyone?

Emails were validated with BriteVerify.

Primary dentist's email:
Valid: 307 - Safe to email
Accept_All: 24 - All the emails from the domain look good
Unknown: 4 - Normally I wouldn't include these but I have it on good faith that SmileSource validates these. In other words, I'd mail 'em. :-)

Business email:
Valid: 162 - Safe to email
Accept_All: 36 - All the emails from the domain look good

Secondary dentist's email:
Valid: 30 - Safe to email
Accept_All: 1 - All the emails from the domain look good

Learn more about BriteVerify's verification status keys here - http://docs.briteverify.com/status-key

In addition to BriteVerify's validation, this list was painstakingly verified for dupes and weird info by hand.

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