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Masterfully targeted and curated list of US tech CEOs, along with a handful of co-founder/CTO and other types. These are the ultimate decision makers in some of the most influential, well capitalized growth companies in the United States right now.

At my company we mailed into this list for less than 4 weeks so far and have already pulled out a six-figure ARR deal along with multiple amazing opportunities in pipeline. In short, this list is for real and you can go right now and pay any lead gen outsourcing company literally 10x or more for this list over a period of months, or just buy it here and now and get those deals done.

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The majority of the contacts in this list are CEOs of mostly B2B Computer Software companies as well as Information Technology and Information Services companies.

Of the 5,558 individual contacts in this list, the job titles break down as follows:
CEO - 2,981
(Co)Founder - 710
Owner - 2,529
(Vice)President - 1,037

I would encourage you to take advantage of this list of American software CEOs! The buyers are in here. Best of luck!

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