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This is a list of People seeking new and cheap Auto Insurance quotes. Its a phone verified list with accurate information and DNC scrubbed. Quality is guaranteed. This list can also be used for Auto Finance and Auto Warranty campaigns. Enjoy!!

This list has 50000 records with First name, Last name, Physical Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone, Email, Birth date, Car year, Car make, Car model and IP addresses.
This list can be used for both Emailing and Calling.
Email Verified via briteverify
Active: 49,000
Accept all: 1000

50,000 Leads

$0.05 Cost per Lead

Competitor Price: $150,000.00
Lead Roster Price: $2,500.00
Save $147,500.00 (98%)

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Sold by Mac

Double Guarantee

Buyer success comes first. If less than 95% of email information is accurate, the seller will issue a partial refund for those leads AND replace them at no additional cost to you within 60 days of purchase.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this email list.


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